• Careers at St Jude's

    At St Jude's, our success is driven by our people who are the backbone of our company. We recognize that in order to succeed, we must not only engage customers everywhere and provide the most memorable experience, but we must also provide our employees with an excellent work/life balance to maximise their enjoyment and satisfaction.

    We strive to offer a range of benefits and training and development programs to increase individual skills and knowledge so that our employees can reach their full potential.

  • Our People

    We recognise that our success depends on our people, so we strive to be a great company to work for and a business that people want to be part of.

    We operate in a fast-paced, dynamic and continually changing business environment where the superior contribution of our people is a distinct competitive advantage. We, therefore seek to recruit, retain and develop people who are motivated to continually make a difference and ensure the future success and growth of our company.


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Interview Tips

The following guidelines help you to get closer to an employment offer with us.


1. Do a Bit of Research on Us!

Who we are? What we do? This website is packed with information about us and our services. Read it carefully before your interview and bring along any questions you might have.

2. Be Organised

Ensure you have completed the recruitment questionnaire attached to the job vacancy.

3. First Impressions Count

Dress for success! To us that means wearing clean and well ironed formal attire, right footwear and having neat hair. Our business is all about looking after people, so it’s important that you can look after yourself before you take care of our clients. Be sure that your overall appearance is neat and clean. Not sure what to wear? Go for conservative business attire.

4. Be on Time

We recommend arriving at least 10 minutes early. This will give you a few minutes to relax and gather your thoughts before meeting with us.

5. Waiting for your Interview

Greet and engage the people around you while you wait in the reception. Waiting room behaviour may get noticed.

6. Meeting your Interviewer

Stand and greet your interviewer with a firm handshake. Smile and maintain eye contact. Interviews can be overwhelming, it’s ok to say that you are nervous. Non-verbal communication speaks volume. Facial expressions provide clues to your feelings. Manage how you react, and project a positive image.

7. Be Positive

While we hire people with all kinds of skills, backgrounds and personality one common thing we always look for is the “right attitude”. For the best shot at joining our team you simply need to smile and show a “can do attitude”. Be authentic and let your personality shine!